Saturday, October 10, 2009

To the Streets, with a New Perspective

Within a couple of days I find myself being pulled out of the apartment and onto the streets of inner Jerusalem, the streets that He once walked. I had a destination of my own, but God had a much bigger one for the day. After a twenty-minuet walk, I had finally made it to the “Bible Experience”. It’s a Christian bookstore near the Old City, in front of Jaffa gate. After I was done there, I was walking along the street when I saw an opening among the buildings; a possible place for a birds-eye view of the Old-City. I walked through it and found not what I was initially looking for, but actually standing in front of three huge Catholic churches. They looked like castles. I continued to walk coming across an old German prison and across from that was a Catholic school. A cluster of little Israeli-Catholic children walked by me and smiled. 

I kept walking deeper and deeper into this lighted path and I find myself drifting into a secluded village of Orthodox Jews. There are hundreds of beautiful little children around me. The girls are dressed in colorful dresses with their hair in braids and the boys are in white-collard button-up shirts along with each ones unique kippah on his head. The older siblings are holding the hands of the younger as they walk down the road in complete innocence. A husband and wife 

push their infant in the stroller as they look at me, a Gentile, invading their privacy. I continue to walk. Clothes are draped over the balcony rails set out to dry. I stride underneath them considering the simplicity of this everyday life and laugh to myself realizing how complicated and fast my “simple” existence is. Gods chosen people surround me. I can see why He loves them.

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  1. i really like this perspective :] it sounds like you're learning so much! praying for you.