Monday, September 28, 2009

Joseph, and the HOLY LAND

SHALOM FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!! I’m joyful in saying that I am in the heart of the HOLY LAND, Jerusalem. Which means I obviously arrived here safely, THANK you for your prayers! The past two weeks since I disembarked on this journey, I have already been very BLESSED with several opportunities. I decided that keeping a blog would be the best way at keeping you clued in, I am also going to be posting some of my journal writings as well. So if you are reading this, congratulations you have made it!

After a 10 hr plane ride from Philly, nearly 6000 miles in a daze, a couple micro waved “meals” and a good nap, I finally arrived on September 16th. The Land that we always hear about, the center of the Worlds attention, the one place on earth most people wouldn’t consider going these cautious days, there is no place I would rather be. The city of Jerusalem is very beautiful! It’s easy to see why God has chosen it to be the Apple of His Eyes.

I live with four other guys in a three-bedroom apartment not too far of a walk from the OLD CITY. Our location is amazing! There is a dessert bakery shop right across the street from us, which has already proven itself to be dangerous for me. They bake these chocolate croissants fresh every morning that people are literally becoming convicted about. Myself included!

I love being in the “FIRE IN THE NIGHT” at Succat Hallel!! I’m there at 12am till 3am, so you can imagine how my day schedule is different than your average Israeli. On Shabbat, (Friday nights) I’m there at 9pm till 12pm all by lonesome. BUT don’t get me wrong; I love having the place to myself! Our “watches” consist a lot of praying, reading the WORD, worshiping, discussing different things, meditation, etc..

I am so BLESSED!! I have already been able to travel to many places around Israel: ABU-GOSH, the DEAD SEA, BETHLEHEM, and a good amount of historical spots around Jerusalem including the WESTERN WALL and MT ZION. I still have many more places that I plan on going to!

I have uploaded some pictures on facebook. If you don’t have a facebook but would like to see the pictures you can email me and ill send them to you.

THANK you for your prayers and support! I’m so very BLESSED to have friends and family like you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Gods GRACE alone, till next time..